I grew up in the wild nature of Austria with an impressive and untouched environment. With a lot of wild places and a very rough and raw nature.
After living in London, Vienna and Berlin I wanted to connect with nature again and decided to take a modern approach to matcha, again.

With CLAWS I connect the modern community with nature. While drinking organic matcha and natural products, you ingest the entire nature and receive 100% of its nutrients. There is no other way to be so close to nature, it tells us what really matters in life.

My name is Manuel Platzer and I’m the founder of CLAWS Berlin. Contact me at hi@claws.gold and @claws.gold.

I’m available for photography and content creation. Contact me for creative services at hi@manuelplatzer.com, https://manuelplatzer.com +49 177 3056602‬ or @manuelplatzer.